The report of the International Labor Organization (ILO), the global unemployment rate among People with Disabilities (PwD) is around 80% informally. LINK

In Colombia

The official figure is 6.8%, of which only
15% develop work activities and less of 2.5% are able to earn the minimum wage.

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With your help supporting our solution, we hope to promote social participation as a solution to some of society’s common problems.

  • Social Attache

    Promoting the idea of “the social aggregate” internationally.

  • PAS and ORO

    Private option for businesses to differentiate your competition with a distinctive social accompaniment.

  • Coffee PAS

    Coffee with a certified Social benefit.

  • Cardboard Immobilizers

    From disability to prevent disability.


Milciadez Narvaez (Cuadriplejia, Pintado con la Boca)

Portada Libro Agregado Social

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This book includes the concept of “Social Good” in many different ways: in its explanation of the concept  by its authors PwD (People with Disabilities); in its development; in the soul of the artists that work with our foundation through their works included in this book; in the process of graphic design and book binding; and in the recycled paper made from residual TETRAPACK as part of out program “PAPERPAS.”

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Benefits of "Coffee PAS"

Bolsa de Café PAS

Social Inclusion of PwD

Profitable Opportunities for Occupation (ORO)

From Work to Dignity

It Allows “Integration Inwards”.

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